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Dold Solid-state relay PH 9270.91/000

Dold Solid-state relay PH 9270.91/000Dold Solid-state relay PH 9270.91/000Dold Solid-state relay PH 9270.91/000Dold Solid-state relay PH 9270.91/000

3x Dold Solid-state relay PH 9270.91/000

OutputLoad voltage AC [V]: 200 ... 480
Frequency range [Hz]: 47 ... 63
Load current [A], (AC 51): 40
Load limit integral I2
t [A2
s]: 1800; 6600*)
Max. overload current [A] t = 10 ms: 600; 1150*)
Period. underload current [A] t = 1 s: 120; 150*)
Forward-voltage [V]
at nominal current: 1.4
Off-state voltage [V/µs]: 500
Rate of rise of current [A/µs]: 100
Measuring range: 0,5 ... 40 A
Response value: Continuously variable
Hysteresis: 2 % of response value
Temperature Data
Thermal resistance
junction - housing [K/W]: 0.5
Thermal resistance
housing - ambient [K/W]: 12
Junction temperature [°C]: ≤ 125 PH 9270.91 AC 200 ... 480 V 40 A DC 20 ... 32 V
Article number: 0060425
• Load voltage: AC 200 ... 480 V
• Load current: 40 A
• Auxiliary voltage: DC 20 ... 32 V


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