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Ouman M31C150 3-point controlled Valve Motor

Ouman M31C150  Valve MotorOuman M31C150  Valve MotorOuman M31C150  Valve MotorOuman M31C150  Valve Motor

2x Ouman M31C150 Valve Motor
Article OMA0206
Manufacturer Ouman
Supply voltage 24V AC
Management single 3-P
Stem stroke, mm 6.5
Force, N 300
Operating times, s 150
1x Ouman M31A150 Valve Motor
Model M31C150
Technical Data
Nominal Voltage 24V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 0.7VA
Running Time 150s at 50Hz
Thrust 300N
Protection Class IP43
Operating Temperature 0..60C
Weight 0.4 Kg

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