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Festo Solenoid valve MFH-3-1/8 7802 U402

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Festo Solenoid valve MFH-3-1/8 7802 U402Festo Solenoid valve MFH-3-1/8 7802 U402Festo Solenoid valve MFH-3-1/8 7802 U402Festo Solenoid valve MFH-3-1/8 7802 U402

3x Festo Solenoid valve MFH-3-1/8 7802 U402
24V DC 4.5W 42V AC 50/60HZ 9/7VA IP00/65
Valve function 3/2-way, closed, monostable
Type of actuation Electric
Construction width 26 mm
Standard nominal flow rate 500 l/min
pneumatic working port G1/8
Operating voltage
Via solenoid coil, must be ordered separately
Operating pressure 0.15 MPa ... 0.8 MPa
Operating pressure 1.5 bar ... 8 bar
Design Poppet seat
Type of reset Mechanical spring
Approval c UL us - Recognized (OL)
Degree of protection IP65
Nominal size 5 mm
Grid dimension 27 mm
Exhaust-air function With flow control option
Sealing principle Soft
Mounting position
Manual override Detenting
Type of piloting Pilot actuated
Flow direction Non-reversible
Symbol 00991041
lap Underlap
Switching time off 29 ms
Switching time on 9 ms
Max. positive test pulse with 0 signal 2200 µs
Max. negative test pulse with 1 signal 3700 µs
Compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Corrosion resistance class CRC
1 - Low corrosion stress
Storage temperature -20 °C ... 60 °C
Media temperature -10 °C ... 60 °C
Ambient temperature -5 °C ... 40 °C
Product weight 240 g
Electrical connection Via F coil, to be ordered separately
Type of mounting Either:
On manifold rail With through-hole
Pilot exhaust port 82 M5
Pneumatic connection, port 1 G1/8
Pneumatic connection, port 2 G1/8
Pneumatic connection, port 3 G1/8
Material seals NBR
Material housing Die-cast aluminum

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