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Sick DGS60-A4M08192 (1034243) Incremental TTL encoder

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Sick DGS60-A4M08192 (1034243) Incremental TTL EncoderSick DGS60-A4M08192 (1034243) Incremental TTL EncoderSick DGS60-A4M08192 (1034243) Incremental TTL Encoder

1x Sick DGS60-A4M08192 (1034243)
Incremental TTL encoder
Technical data
Number of lines/steps: 8,192
Type: Incremental encoder
Shaft / Flange design: Solid shaft, Face mount flange
Shaft diameter: 10 mm
Interface: 5 V, TTL/RS-422
Connection type: Cable, radial, 5 m
Number of lines: 8,192
Moment of inertia of the rotor: 25 gcm2
Measuring step: 90°/number of steps
Reference signal, number: 1
Reference signal, position: 90° electronically & logically interlocked with A+B
Measuring step deviation: 45/Z °
Max. operating speed with shaft seal: 6,000 1/min
Max. operating speed without shaft seal: 10,000 1/min
Max. angular acceleration: 5 x 105 rad/s2
Operating torque with shaft seal: 1 Ncm
Operating torque without shaft seal: 0.1 Ncm
Start up torque with shaft seal: 1.5 Ncm
Start up torque without shaft seal: 0.2 Ncm
Permissible shaft loading axial: 20 N
Permissible shaft loading radial: 40 N
Ambient operation temperature, min ... max: -20 °C ... +85 °C
Permissible relative humidity: 90%
EMC: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
Resistance to shocks: 30/11 g/ms
Resistance to vibration: 20/10 ... 150 g/Hz
Protection class housing side: IP 67
Enclosure rating flange: IP 65
Supply voltage min ... max: DC 4 ... 6 V
Supply current: 120 mA
Load current: 20 mA

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